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Q: Why do you require 48 hours notice from booking for orders?

A: Since every order placed is made specifically for you, I need time to bake your cake, cool it, chill it, build it and decorate it.  This process takes at least two days, sometimes more if the level of decoration is super time-intensive.  This process ensures that your cake is as fresh as possible.


Q: Why can't I reach anyone by phone?

A: My primary mode of communication is via email.  Please don’t think this means I don’t want to speak to you – quite the opposite, actually!  During this time of inquiries, I’ve found I can give my highest quality of support when I focus my communication efforts via email, which allows me uninterrupted time in the kitchen to execute and complete orders.  So if you’re okay to keep discussing over email, I will continue to respond in a timely manner.  


Q: Do you offer sheet cakes?

A: I don’t offer sheet cakes for two reasons: The first is that I simply don’t have the capacity to bake and store them.  The second reason is after running the numbers, there is no price difference between ordering additional individual cake rounds for slicing and serving in back versus adding additional tiers to a cake, for me or for the customer.  So if you like, we can add more tiers to your cake OR I can do individual large rounds for slicing if you like.  


Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Absolutely!  Delivery is first come, first serve, so the sooner your order is placed, the better to ensure room in my delivery schedule.  In order to receive a quote for delivery, simply send me the physical address of where the order needs to be delivered.


Q: Do you offer cake tastings?

A: Absolutely! Since the post-Covid world still feels a bit strange, I am continuing to offer tastings for pick up! They are $35 and I offer them in cupcake form so you can try as many cake base to buttercream flavor combinations as you like!  If you aren't sure what flavors you are interested in, I can put together a collection of what I call, humbly, my "greatest hits."  I just need a few days heads up to block out time in my schedule to create one so if you would like to send me a selection of dates that work for you to pick up (I am located in West Hollywood and offer pick-ups Tuesday – Saturday between 10am-4:30pm), we can get something in the books!


Q: What are your days and hours of operation?

A: Monday - Saturday.  Operating hours are 10am - 5pm and pick up slots are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis from 10am - 4:30pm.


Q: Do you offer gluten free cakes?

A: Absolutely!  


Q: Do you offer vegan cakes?

A: Absolutely!  


Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: No deposit is required, however, payment in full is due upon booking to secure your order.  This ensures I receive payment for my work and that you, in turn, receive your order.

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